We are asked to provide qualified teachers to our partner schools as Admins for such schools in Patna.

Principal/Vice Principal

We also provide our partner schools with prestigious posts such as Principal and Vice-principal in Bihar.


Looking for well qualified professors for your institution? Come join us at the best Teacher Placement agency.


We provide our partner schools in Bihar with various staff and management jobs from our selected candidates.

Education Consultancy

At Betamind, we know what you look for in a teacher, and we provide just that for your school or college.

Teacher Placement

We supply our qualified teachers to our partner schools in Bihar based on their needs and requirements.

Career Development

Develop and grow your career with the best Teaching consultancy in Bihar and get your dream teaching job.

Recruitment Process

We at Betamind guarantee our teachers are extremely qualified after a rigorous recruitment process.

Government Schools

We also partner with government schools to provide them with great teachers that we think are perfect.

Training Routine

We at Betamind are up to date with the latest training required to be a good teacher and we do just that.

We believe in Quality

At Betamind, we make sure to provide our partner schools with the best teachers and faculty in Bihar to be the best teacher placement agency.

We provide Training

We know how important a job of a teacher can be, and we make sure to prepare our clients for just that kind of rigorous job before their interviews.

We provide jobs

At Betamind, we pride ourselves on being the best Teacher placement agency in Bihar and we provide qualified faculty for our partner schools and clients.


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Teachers make us...
I cannot emphasize the importance of a good teacher
-Temple Grandin
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If you are a school or institution who is actively looking for a teacher or faculty in Bihar, we at Betamind are your best choice as the best Education Consultancy in Bihar.

01. Education Consultancy

We provide qualified teachers and faculty to our partner schools in Bihar.

02. Teacher Placement Agency

Betamind has come out as the best teaching consultancy in Bihar.